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You can’t be complacent

Oct 02, 2016

You can’t be complacent, can you?

It’s all too easy to believe your home won’t be targeted.

But that’s the problem… most burglaries are opportunistic. It’s rare for a home to be specifically targeted.

So beware… if a burglar believes he can get in and out of your home without being detected or disturbed – YOU could be the next victim of this horrible crime.

And it is horrible…

Unfortunately, many of our customers come to us after a burglary.  Perhaps like most they believed it wouldn’t happen to them.

It means that when it does, the impact is felt more sharply:

  • You can feel violated
  • Fearful because your home is no longer as safe as you believed
  • There’s the hassle of dealing with insurers and the loss adjusters (who aren’t always on your side)
  • And the regret that comes from losing sentimental items that are irreplaceable
  • There’s the anger that you failed to take adequate security precautions earlier
  • And the endless ‘what ifs’ as you beat yourself up for doing more to prevent the crime

It’s heartbreaking to the same regrets hear time and time again.

Especially, when customers are surprised to discover it costs an average of £650 to install a modern intruder alarm in their property.

When you compare this investment to the price of a TV or modern computer, you can see how affordable this important security measure is.

(And anyway, it’s a small price to pay for the peace of mind you get from the added reassurance.)

But even if you can’t afford an alarm (yet), there are other simple steps you can take to beat the burglar.

In fact, we’ve outlined 10 security checks that will make opportunist burglars think twice before targeting your home and possessions.

So I invite you to take a few minutes to download your FREE Home Security Checklist.

Simply print out the PDF and use it to assess and identify the vulnerabilities in your home.

This simple preventative step could save a lot of heartache in the future. 

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