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10 Ways To Make Your Home A Difficult Target For Burglars

May 09, 2017

“If a thief wants to break in, you can’t stop them.”

Sometimes this statement is said as a fact. And I can understand why… it’s true that people who really want something can be persistent. With this mindset, they’ll stick at anything until they’ve achieved their goal.

But when it comes to protecting your home, this belief can put your property at significant risk.

If you believe you can’t stop a thief who’s committed to stealing your possessions and violating your privacy then you may – inadvertently – make it easier for them to succeed.

Let me explain…

Look through different eyes

The challenge many homeowners face is they don’t see their home in the same way as criminals.

Let’s be honest, why would you?

It takes a certain sort of mind to be able to break-in, steal things, and walk away leaving havoc. Fortunately, most people aren’t like that. They wouldn’t dream of hurting others in this way.

That’s where a professional perspective can help…

We’ve been helping to prevent crime in and around the West Midlands for over 30 years. One of the reasons we’ve been successful is because our many years of experience has meant we can stand in the shoes of a criminal. Sure, it doesn’t feel nice, but it does mean we’re able to look at properties and see the weaknesses burglars may try to exploit. Often these are aspects of your property that you wouldn’t have a clue were a threat.

But here’s the good news…

Once any weaknesses are identified, it’s possible to do something proactive to prevent your family becoming a victim of crime.

Remember, the vast majority of burglaries are opportunistic.

A thief sees a chance, is convinced they can get in and out undetected, and then goes for it. So if you can sow seeds of doubt, there’s a good chance they’ll walk on by.

So how do you achieve this?

How to make your home difficult to break into

The obvious answer is to make your home difficult to break into! Statistics suggest a burglar will walk away if there’s too much perceived risk.

Here are ten ways to do this:

  1. Keep windows closed and locked when you’re out of your home – including the upstairs windows. This applies whether you’re simply nipping to the shops or going out for most of the day.
  2. Check your locks are ‘bump’ and drill proof and that they meet (or exceed) British or European Standards. For example, ‘blocking’ or ‘centring’ pins can prevent bumping keys being used to access your home.
  3. Always lock the door when you leave – remember a surprising percentage of burglaries happen through an open or unlocked door. Don’t leave your home vulnerable.
  4. Don’t leave spare keys in a ‘safe’ accessible place outside. There’s a good chance a burglar will discover your secure place – and then you’re in trouble!
  5. Install good outside lighting – especially around entrances. If a burglar can enter your house unseen, they’re likely to spend longer trying. Light their face and there’s a stronger chance they’ll walk away.
  6. Ensure valuables aren’t visible through your windows. Burglars often window shop and if you let them know they’ll be richly rewarded, they’re more likely to take a risk.
  7. Prune trees and bushes to ensure thieves can’t use vegetation as a cover. Similar to the lighting, make burglars feel exposed and they’re less likely to break in.
  8. Hide your car keys. It’s not uncommon for thieves to break into your home for car keys and then steal your possessions at the same time.
  9. Install (and maintain) a suitable intruder alarm.  According to The British Crime Survey, “The level of home security remains an important factor in risk of burglary victimisation”. The tighter your security, the less likely you are to be targeted. And if you need more convincing, “Homes with no security measures in place are five times more likely to be burgled than those with simple security measures.” (Source:
  10. Stay vigilant. Get a feel for what’s ‘normal’ activity in and around your street and you’re more likely to spot situations that raise the alarm bells. 

As you can see, it’s not a given that you’ll be a victim of crime – even if a burglar has got their eyes on your property.

There’s plenty you can do to safeguard your possessions, your property, and your family.

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure when it comes to the topic of home security and we’re here to help you tighten up your home.

You know where you are if you need us. 

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