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How To Keep an Older Friend or Relative Safe in their Home

Sep 06, 2017

Do you know an older person who lives alone?

Maybe your neighbour has been recently bereaved, or perhaps you’ve lost one of your parents. If so, you may be wondering how to help the person you care about readjust.

After living with someone else, it can be traumatic to be alone in your house. Even if the surroundings are familiar, with no companion, it’s the little things that can make life more challenging.

One of those challenges is visitors.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of older people who’ve been ripped off by criminals.

So if you want to give your loved one some extra peace of mind, access control is well worth a closer look.

Let me tell you why…

What is access control?

Access control is an electronic security system that manages who is allowed to enter a property.

For example:

  • An intercom replaces a front door bell or knocker
  • When a visitor ‘buzzes’, the resident is notified via their mobile phone or their phone, which can be affixed to the wall
  • The resident can speak to the visitor via the intercom – without having to go to the front door
  • If a camera is installed, the resident can even see who is at the door

With an access control system, the resident is in full control:

  • They can ‘buzz’ the door open and let someone into their home without the need to go to the door in person
  • They can ignore the visitor and pretend they are not in
  • They can choose to open the front door in person

Best of all, the system is easy to use allowing residents to use it with confidence.

As you can see, an access control system reduces the vulnerability someone can feel when they live alone.  It can enhance privacy and reduce the worry some senior people can feel when the doorbell rings.

It’s a system that can offer peace of mind to relatives too. If your parents live alone, access control means they don’t have to walk to the door to know who’s knocking. As a result, there’s less chance they’ll unknowingly invite an unscrupulous stranger into their home.

Your options

When it comes to a door entry system, there are a number of options:

  • Tighten up the security at your access points
  • Link up a camera and you can see who’s knocking without going to the door
  • Put an entrance code on your gate to tighten up security at your entrance
  • Control which vehicles and which individuals can enter your home
  • A key safe outside the front door
  • Gives the resident time to contact a friend or neighbour if they feel uncertain about the visitor. (Remember if the people at the door are genuine then they will not mind waiting while you get help.)

You can even integrate access control with your CCTV and/or intruder alarm for a complete security system.

Know someone who needs access control?

We all lead different lives, which means all homes are different.

As a result, everyone has a slightly different requirement when it comes to access control and home security. It’s the reason why we offer a FREE Site Survey to all customers considering an upgrade of their security arrangements.

So if you’d like to discover how access control could increase your peace of mind, book your free home visit today.  


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