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Six Easy Ways to Feel More Secure in Your Home

Nov 22, 2017

Are you concerned about burglaries in your area? 

Do you worry that your home may be a target? 

Would you like to feel confident that you've done everything you can to protect your home, possessions, and your family from opportunistic criminals?

If so, keep reading and I'll reveal five simple measures you can take to help you sleep better at night. 

1. Install and maintain an intruder alarm
This is one of the easiest, most proactive steps you can take to cut the risk of your home being a victim. 

Burglaries are largely opportunistic. 

Criminals look for homes where they feel confident they can get in and out undetected. Install an alarm and you can sow the seed of doubt in the mind of a criminal. 

It could make the difference between a burglary attempt and a criminal walking away. 

2. Install CCTV
Affordable and effective, CCTV is becoming an increasingly popular security precaution in many homes. Installed alongside an intruder alarm and you can have eyes on your home, garden, driveway, and outbuildings - even when you're not at home. 

Even better, thanks to smart technology, you can set up your system so you can check in on your property through your smartphone or tablet (anywhere you have an internet connection). 

3. Access control
Want to put an extra barrier between your home and the outside world?

With the help of an intercom system, access control ensures no one can enter your property unless you allow them to do so. This precaution can work well in sheltered accommodation and gated properties or where an elderly person is living alone. 

You can also pair with a camera system so you can see who's knocking. It means you don't even need to speak with the visitor if you choose not to do so. 

4. Monitoring
If you want to know someone will attend your property should your alarm sound - even if you can't - then a monitoring/keyholder service is a good investment? 

In the event of a problem, your monitoring company can ring your nominated keyholders and ask them to investigate. This can cut the time it takes for someone to respond and ensures your alarm is always taken seriously you could also get Police Response if required for total piece of mind. 

If your home is unattended for periods of time or an elderly friend or relative is living alone, this additional check can help everyone sleep easier at night. 

5. Security conscious
As well as installing physical systems into your home, there are also plenty of small decisions you can make that can help you beat the burglar. For example: 

  • Lock all windows and doors when you go out.
  • Ensure you don't leave a spare key outside where it can be found.
  • Don't leave your car keys in sight. There have been spates of break-ins around the Midlands recently where thieves have broken into homes specifically to find keys to the car on the driveway. 
  • Don't leave valuables in plain sight at this can tempt any window shopping thieves. 

6. Security review
All homes are different and all families are different. It means every property has its own security risk. 

The measures listed above are generic recommendations, but if you want to maximise your feeling of security, it always pays to get an individual assessment of your risk. 

This is something we offer with our free Home Security Reviews

One of our experienced security engineers will visit you at home to do a thorough risk assessment. As well as providing advice on the measures listed above, we'll also discuss simpler measures involving lighting, locks, and landscaping. 

It's an easy way to feel empowered to take proactive steps that will help you beat the burglar. 

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