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Bill’s Christmas Checklist

Dec 12, 2017

A quick guide to help you keep your home safe and ensure you get to keep what’s yours over this Christmas Period.

Because believe it or not, burglars don’t care about spoiling your Christmas

1/ Check your security lights are working correctly and that there’s no overgrowth around them that could trigger the light.
2/ Don’t forget to cancel your papers if you’re going away.
3/ Inform your neighbours if you won’t be at home over the Christmas period. Where possible, ask family and friends to keep an eye on your home for you.
4/ Ask neighbours to park on your driveway so it looks like somebody is coming and going.
5/ Make sure everything is securely locked away and don’t leave presents under the Christmas tree until the big night. It might not be Santa looking at them!
6/ If you’re going to leave timers to switch on lights around your house, make sure a lit room doesn’t reveal that nobody is actually home.
7/ Put a radio on a timer to come on several times a day.
8/ Don’t tempt fate by leaving valuables etc. on display.
9/ If you’re not taking the car, remember to hide your keys away. It’s not unusual for burglars to break into homes specifically to steal keys.
10/ Hide your house keys so you don’t make it easy for intruders to let themselves out (should the worst happen). Also, don’t leave hidden keys outside.
11/ Get family or friends to drop you to the airport if you’re going away.
12/ If you have an intruder alarm, check it’s working correctly. Also, check the phone numbers are correct for the people it contacts to let them know the alarm has gone off.
13/ This is an unlucky number for some?
14/ Leave the heating on or lower it down. We have seen it where people go away and turn the heating off and there’s a cold spell and a pipe bursts. We wouldn’t want this to happen to you.
15/ Ask a neighbour to collect your post or ask the Post Office to hold your Post.
16/ Have you considered having your house keys held by a key holding company that would respond should your alarm go off?
17/ Don’t leave Christmas decorations up that could move and could trigger your alarm system.
18/ Check the batteries in your smoke detectors and ensure they all work correctly.
19/ Remember people react to the unusual so if your alarm keeps playing up get it sorted! If not, neighbours may not take any notice if it goes off for real. Remember the boy who cried wolf?
20/ If you haven’t already fitted a CO2 detector, please ask Santa for one this Christmas – to keep you and your family safe. If you do have one fitted, take a few minutes to check the expiry date.
21/ Lastly, don’t forget to put out the carrots and mince pies for Santa or he might just forget to leave your presents!

We’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
From Bill and all the team at Alert Alarms


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