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How To Secure Your Home Using Your Smartphone

Jan 15, 2018

Protect your home with an intruder alarm for peace of mind. That's the general premise. 

Thanks to well-placed motion sensors and audible bells, you'll be alerted should an intruder try to break into your home. 

But what happens if a break-in occurs when you're not at home and you don't have (or want to invest in) a monitoring contract?

This is when your smartphone can take on an entirely new function. 

Let me explain...

Eyes on your home - 24/7

As you probably know, smartphone technology has increased significantly in recent years. 

Thanks to internet connections and enhanced screen quality you can watch all sorts of things on your phone - wherever you are. 

And because of this, your phone can now form part of your home security set-up. Here's how. 

Smart home security systems allow you to hook up your smartphone with your intruder alarm - even if you're not at home. This has all kinds of advantages. 

For example: 

You can set your alarm when you're away from home

How often do you rush out the door only to wonder if you actually set your alarm before you locked up? 

It's always a possibility when you're distracted during the morning run. Whether it's your kids giving you a hard time on the school run or your head overflowing with notes before an important meeting, distractions can mean you're left with no recollection of setting your alarm. 

But with a smart security system you can check and get peace of mind at a glance. 

If you're alarm isn't active, no problem. There's no need to rush home to put things right either. Instead you can arm your alarm from your phone. 

And if you discover your alarm is set, you can quite the wondering and worrying and instead carry on with your day. 

You can watch camera footage from your phone

If you connect a camera to your intruder alarm, you can watch that footage from your smartphone. 

It means if your alarm should activate then you can have a look at what's happening instantly. It may be a false alarm caused by something falling over. But if it is a real break-in, you have the evidence you need to call the police and request help. 

You can get status updates

Unless you have a monitoring contract, if you're not home and your alarm sounds then it may be a while before anyone investigates. 

But if your system is connected up to your smartphone you'll know instantly. 

If your phone alerts you to a problem you have the chance to react. If you have a camera hooked up you can take a look, if not you can ring someone and ask them to investigate - or rush home yourself. 

It's that ability to take more control that makes a smart home security system attractive. 

But are there any disadvantages? 

As with anything connected to your phone, it's in your hands all the time. 

This can be a blessing and a curse! If you know you can look, then you may find yourself checking home more often than you really need to. 

Also, you'll lose your ability to check-in should there be no internet connection. Could that be a cause of stress?

In reality, it's a personal choice and we're here to help you make the right decision for you. 

So if you're interested in discovering whether a smart system could work for your family, simply book your free home security review and get your questions answered. 

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