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How To Protect Your Home When You’re Away – v2

Jan 28, 2017

As the New Year kicks off, it’s likely you’ll be planning your vacations and getaways.

But as well as planning your holiday itinerary and travel arrangements, it’s important you’re clear on how you’ll safeguard your home when you’re away.

Remember, most robberies are opportunistic. Thieves are on the look out for properties they can get in and out of unchallenged. As a result, vacant homes are very attractive.

So how do you cut the likelihood of your holiday memories being tarnished by a break-in?

Here are our top tips.


  1. Hide the tell-tale signs that you’re away

If you’re not careful, it will be obvious that your home is unoccupied. A lawn that’s turned into a meadow, curtains that don’t move, milk bottles cluttering the doorstep, and papers and mail poking out of the letterbox.

This is easily solved:

  • Cancel milk and paper deliveries while you’re away
  • Consider using Royal Mail’s Keepsake service
  • Cut your grass before you go away so it doesn’t get overgrow


  1. Make your home look occupied

If it looks like someone is home, this can be enough to deter a thief. Fortunately, there are small things you can do which can be enough to sow the seeds of doubt – so the criminal walks on by:

  • Invest in timer switches for your lights – even consider one for a radio
  • Are your curtains usually closed all of the time? If not, consider leaving some open


  1. Secure your home

It sounds obvious, but with the excitement of the great escape ‘obvious’ checks can slip your mind:

  • Scoot around your home and ensure all doors and windows are locked securely
  • Check spare keys aren’t on view
  • Make sure there are no keys hidden outside


  1. Be socially savvy

In this age of social media, it’s very tempting to share what you’re up to with everyone. But remember, checking in to places or posting holiday snaps broadcasts the fact that you’re not at home and your property is unoccupied:

  • Check the security settings of your social channels so you control who sees what
  • Refrain from posting holiday photos until you’re back


  1. Good neighbours

Having someone keep their eyes and ears on your home while you’re away offers great peace of mind. So consider asking a trusted neighbour to keep their eye out:

  • Ask if they’ll park their car on your driveway periodically
  • Could they collect your post and move it way from your doormat?
  • Maybe you could ask them to pop in and out to open and shut your curtains on occasions


  1. Safeguard your valuables

Despite your best efforts, your home could still be targeted. If so, you can minimise the after effects by hiding or moving valuables or items of sentimental value before you jet off to the sun:

  • Ensure valuables can’t be spotted through your doors or windows
  • Make sure jewellery and other precious items aren’t on display
  • Check your insurance to see the conditions that apply when your home is unoccupied and take any necessary action


  1. Set your alarm

Finally, protect your home with an intruder alarm. Here at Alert Alarms we have lots of options available – including alarms that are monitored. Not only is an alarm a great determent, but it can give you that all-important peace of mind too:

  • Make sure your alarm code isn’t an obvious one
  • Ensure your alarm is set and all rooms and hallways are covered


Have security questions?

Curious to know how you can best protect your home? If so, get in touch.

Our experienced staff will be more than happy to answer your questions and give you some tips – tailored to you – so you can jet off with confidence. 

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